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Your full-service Lightning Service Provider (LSP)

What is Blocktank LSP?

Blocktank LSP is a set of software tools that businesses, apps, web platforms or Bitcoiners can use to monetize Lightning Network connections and automatically manage channel liquidity.

Supporting the Lightning Network is challenging and providing a good user experience to your customers is tricky.

Blocktank LSP includes solutions for several types of businesses and their users.


Blocktank Widget

Empower your visitors by onboarding them onto the Lightning Network as simply, quickly, and affordably as possible.

The Blocktank Widget enables your website visitors to quickly configure and purchase Lightning channels and liquidity from our node.

This widget can be embedded into any web page or platform as an iframe. Contact us if you need help implementing and customizing it.

Blocktank API

Blocktank API allows businesses, apps, or online platforms to integrate, automate, and monetize services from your Lightning node. This includes channel configuration, channel purchases, channel info and more.

Let your customers hold their own keys, offer them instant withdrawals, and tap as much BTC liquidity as they need.

Check the Blocktank API docs, test the Blocktank Client, or Contact us if you want to be whitelisted for access.

Blocktank Hubs

Become a Blocktank Hub by running your own Blocktank server and joining the Blocktank sub-network. Blocktank Hubs get special access to automatic rebalancing of channels with our highly optimized, well-connected node infrastructure.

Visit the Blocktank Deck to learn more about how Blocktank can supercharge your Bitcoin Business.

Learn more about our fees in our Terms & Conditions.




A New Beginning for the Web

Slashtags is a new internet protocol that flips the web on its head, putting the user in control. Slashtags are fully scalable and compatible with any system or network, no blockchains are required.


Slashtags Browser Wallet

This is a Chrome-compatible extension that allows early adopters to experiment with the Slashtags Accounts experience. This app supports storing your website accounts as Bitcoin keys, while automatically detecting and interacting with websites that support Slashtags.

This app is mostly for testing and demonstration purposes. It is a precursor to a more comprehensive app that should be available in Q2 2022.

Slashtags Accounts

This Slashtags module allows websites to offer passwordless accounts that their users control and back up themselves.

Slashtags Accounts use bidirectional authentication to mitigate various MITM attacks, prevent insecure password behaviors, and make it harder for websites to be censored.

Slashtags Contacts

The Contacts module allows any app to offer a Bitcoin-integrated phone contacts experience where users can privately connect and selectively choose which metadata to share.

Slashtags Feeds

Based on Slashtags Accounts, Feeds are end-to-end encrypted channels that allow websites to offer dedicated feeds, much like traditional API keys, except using the same key you log in with and the same keys you backup with your Bitcoin wallet.

Slashtags Actions

We designed Slashtags to be the most abstracted and compatible authentication and networking protocol possible. Slashtags Actions allow you to wrap any application function within verifiable keys using encrypted communication channels.



The Biz with
John Carvalho

A Crowdfunded Bitcoin Podcast Experiment

Join Synonym’s CEO, John Carvalho, as he interviews the professionals building the future of Bitcoin.


The Crowdwall Concept

Episodes of The Biz are distributed through a unique “crowdwall” system using Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

A “crowdwall” is a new concept, similar to the traditional paywalls you see on news websites. The difference here is there is one total goal that everyone contributes to. When the goal is reached, the content is made freely available to anyone and everyone permanently, with no additional costs to users.

Progressive Unlock

Every payment made toward the crowdwall goal unlocks a proportionate amount of content, allowing every visitor to hear more and more of the episode for free, until it is permanently unlocked.

Bitcoin Magazine Distribution

Each episode is distributed, ad-free, once it is 100% unlocked. This includes a full transcript and distribution by Bitcoin Magazine across all popular podcast platforms.



This is a preview of our other products that are still under R&D.

Q1/Q2 2022
Q1/Q2 2022

Mobile Wallet

Bitcoin everything. Bitcoin everywhere.

We have been working for more than a year to entirely rethink the mobile wallet user experience from the ground up. Dark mode only.

Bitcoin, Boosted.

Our wallet features support for all of the Bitcoin features expected by both new and experienced users.

Non-custodial; your keys, your coins. Legacy, Segwit, Taproot and More Automatic or manual coin control options, including all current address types and more.


Full CPFP & RBF Boosting

Accelerate the confirmation of both incoming and outgoing Bitcoin transactions with an easy-to-use interface.

Free Encrypted Backup Service

Built-In Quickly and easily set up free automatic backups of your wallet, assets, accounts, and contacts with our new Backpack cloud service.

Lightning Network for the Masses

Harness the full power of the Lightning Network with a new, simple user experience. Blocktank LSP Integration Experience a new sensitive interface that knows what you need, when you need it, and automatically offers the connectivity and liquidity you need to send or receive any Lightning payment.

Lightning Tokens

For the first time, consumers and merchants will be able to use tokens in a retail commercial environment. Yes, this includes Instant Tether tokens, on Bitcoin.

Web 3, Without the Shitcoins

With full support for Slashtags authentication features, you can restore all of your Bitcoin, Lightning, Accounts, and Contacts all from one backup.

  • Slashtags Accounts
    Create website accounts or log in with a single tap, with better security and control over how you share your data.
  • Slashtags Contacts
    Perform digital handshakes with your friends, family and colleagues to add them to your Contacts and make Bitcoin payments any time.
  • Slashtags Feeds
    Automatically stream updates from any Slashtags-supporting website and see your account balances and updates without leaving your wallet.
Non-custodial Node in Your Pocket

Hold your own keys along with automatic backups of your Lightning state, no more trusting custodians. Includes ultra-fast Neutrino syncing.

Slashtags Files & Networks

Decentralized Content and Communications The next phase of Slashtags protocol development will add features for managing files and interoperable private networks.

Slashtags Files

Use the power of Slashtags keys to categorize, monetize and share any type of file.

Slashtags Networks

Create topics and definitions for any type of network, to coordinate any type of transaction or communication you wish, in a private yet interoperable way.

Q2/Q3 2022
Browser Wallet

A browser-friendly version of our mobile wallet with many of the same features, plus full support for Bitcoin & Lighting Markup Language and automatic Slashtags authentications.

Publishing Platform

A portal website interface that combines customizable, powerful search features with a distributed publishing platform and custom monetization options, all powered by Slashtags and Hypercore.

Slashtags Web of Trust

The Slashtags Web of Trust will act as a lens and decentralized information matching network. Create and share any type of reputation, gamification, or permissioning system you like, and only include peers on mutual terms.

Q3/Q4 2022
Decentralized Social Media

Get ready for a superior solution for uncensorable, unstoppable, truly decentralized social media. No lock-in, no canceling, no imposters.

Open Source

These are some of the additional software packages we have created to build our core products with. Anyone can use these libraries to build their own new products too!


Docker tool for Electrum Bitcoin services.


Javascript secp256k1 elliptic curve module for noise-handshake.


React Native wrapper for libsodium crypto library

Lightning Network

React Native wrapper for LND mobile node


Docker tool for Lightning Labs' LND node


An account-based encrypted wallet backup service. This is a great, free, alternative to Dropbox, iCloud, etc.