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Bitcoiners imagine a future where Bitcoin has obsoleted fiat money, freeing our economy from oppressive central authorities.

But what would it actually be like to live in a world without Big Banks, Big Tech, or Big States controlling our lives?

What can we, as Bitcoiners, do to ensure the Bitcoin future we want?

Synonym is cultivating a Bitcoin future by designing, developing, and bootstrapping an ecosystem of software and services that enable a new peer-to-peer economy and society.


The Web We Weave

We are building a decentralized web protocol, Slashtags, which unlocks new powers for your websites and apps by making your profiles, accounts, contacts, and data fully portable, dynamic, and censorship-resistant.

Slashtags use your Bitcoin seed to generate special cryptographic keys that allow you to control and restore your digital life, rebooting the web to be more private, modular, and interoperable.

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Design Principles

Digital autonomy through circular economy.

We apply a set of unique design principles that guides our research and development.

Our core design principle is to strive for a circular economy: elimination of wasteful conversion of value and information.

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Bitcoin, not Blockchain

There is no need for more blockchains.

We take Bitcoin Maximalism to the next level with our commitment to creating a comprehensive user experience and ecosystem using Bitcoin as the only blockchain, using it strictly for payments.



Bitcoin-integrated applications and protocols require efficient designs that minimize conversion, friction, and handling of irrelevant data.

We hope to minimize unnecessary redundancy by introducing subjectivity and relativity features to data and networks.



Monopolistic companies and burdensome regulations are competing to lock people into their walled-garden financial platforms.

We think Bitcoin can anchor a new interoperable, modular economy by rethinking the web as we know it.


Privacy & Trust

Privacy is lost, not gained. Users need better ways to control their credentials, personal information, and metadata.

Trust is earned, but users also need tools to track and establish reputation without relying on authorities and violent enforcement.



At Synonym, we believe in the original Bitcoin vision: everyone having control and ownership over their digital assets.

Protect, manage, and use your digital value without being censored by oppressive monopolies.



We are committed to open technology.

Our software is free and open-source under the MIT license, allowing anyone to use, audit, or contribute to our products. This includes server software that most businesses neglect to open to the public.

What's New

Catch up on the latest updates.

We are building a range of products, services and protocols that demonstrate our vision for an open, self-sovereign, circular economy, with Bitcoin at its core.

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Freedom in your Pocket

Bitkit is a simple, yet powerful self-custodial mobile wallet powering lightning-fast bitcoin payments. Own your keys, unlock your sovereignty.

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Keys to a better Web

Slashtags is a new protocol that flips the web on its head, putting users in charge of their profiles, contacts, content and reputation. Ready to start tinkering with Slashtags? Try our demos.


Instant Payments

Unlock instant payments with Blocktank, a Lightning Service Provider (LSP) that empowers people worldwide to swiftly send and receive Bitcoin.

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Pear Credit

The Future of P2P Credit.

Synonym is collaborating with Holepunch and other Pear Foundation members to create a new solution for digital tokens and credit.

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Building with Bitcoin.

Our international remote team consists of talented Bitcoiners located in 12+ countries across the world. Our mission is to accelerate hyperbitcoinization.

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